Giving you the choice

Adds moisture to positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy, providing relief from dry throat and dry or congested nasal passages and sinuses.

Compatible with our S7™ flow generators, AutoSet Spirit and VPAP™ III (where available), the HumidAire 2i module is small and portable.

It integrates fully with the flow generator, and is designed for easy attachment and detachment to suit variations in therapy requirements and seasons.

Features & Benefits

  • You can choose the most comfortable level of humidification with the large dial, which is easy to find, even in the dark.
  • Is powered by the flow generator, so no separate power cord is required.
  • You don't need to reset the pressure when you attach or remove the humidifier.
  • The water chamber opens completely and closes securely for quick, easy cleaning.
  • Electronic components are isolated from the water chamber.