The right fit for you
The AirFit P10 nasal pillows interface is ResMed's quietest interface yet, and this specially designed edition comes in a female-friendly size. The AirFit P10 for Her offers the proven performance and reliability of the popular Swift FX series, but is approximately 50% quieter and 50% lighter,featuring a size and style that's created specifically for female patients.
A clinical study showed that patients wearing the AirFit P10 sleep more than 40 minutes longer per night. What's more, the AirFit P10 for Her is easy to use, and its innovative QuickFit headgear is snug without getting in your way. The result? You enjoy real facial freedom while wearing it, and you'll be able to easily, and comfortably, shift to your favorite position without disrupting your therapy.


  • Quieter than ever The AirFit P10 for Her is approximately 50% quieter than other leading nasal pillows interfaces, with QuietAir™ woven-mesh venting that gently directs air away from you and your partner.
  • Light and comfortable Designed to be as comfortable and barely noticeable while you’re wearing it, the AirFit P10 for Her is 50% lighter than leading nasal pillows interface.
  • A snug, stable fit The QuickFit™ auto-adjusting headgear is gentle but stable, holding the interface snugly and comfortably in place. The split-strap design offers adjustability and stability.
  • Freedom to move. The interface's key-clip nasal pillows seal on contact, with trampoline action that lets you move around freely.
  • Easy assembly Simple one-click action makes assembling the pillow to the frame and cleaning the AirFit P10 for her quick and easy.
  • Easy to wear QuickFit™ elastic headgear is auto-adjusting and simple to fit. The interface easily slips on and off without any additional steps.