GoLife for Women nasal Pillows

The GoLife for Women is our first nasal pillow masks to be built around the unique features of women. The result is a gender-specific fit that provides tremendous stability.

The GoLife platform is built around a simple concept with few parts. The unique soft facial contour arms gently hug the face to maintain stability and a secure seal even as the patient moves. Self-adjusting, optimally angled nasal pillows allow a one-step fit.


  • Nasal Pillows: Self-adjusting, optimally angled nasal pillows eliminate the need for manual adjustment and provide a seal that’s flexible
  • Mask Tube: Long, multi-directional 18 inch tube with 360 degree swivel maintains seal during patient movement. This mask tube will easily connect to your standard 6 foot cpap tube
  • Headgear: GoLife for Women has smaller headgear that sits lower on the back of the head to prevent slippage and to help provide a better fit.
  • Quiet: Specially designed exhalation for quiet diffused airflow.
  • Comfort: Soft facial contour arms embrace the face with stability by hugging the cheekbones.